Same chains. Better users.

  • Every decentralized economy since Bitcoin, is forced to distribute large amounts of tokens to their network.

  • This incentive model creates an excess supply. Nobody likes this, it simply devalues the economy, without supporting early-users.

  • Instead of distributing a token directly, the Dafi protocol enables networks to create a synthetic in a reduced quantity. As demand rises, the synthetics (dToken) increase in quantity.

  • Dafi can incentivize early-users and maintain a network in bearish markets, without issuing large quantities of tokens.

Dafi (daf-ee)

Synthetic rewards

The DAFI token is staked for synthetics - which increase in quantity only as demand rises


Every blockchain and cryptocurrency can create a synthetic to incentivize their users better


DAFI rewards users even when demand is low, by actually enhancing scarcity - dToken rewards these users later by increasing in quantity when network demand rises

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DAFI Token Sale

The DAFI token is staked for synthetic dDAFI, each pegged to the demand of the protocol. Decentralized economies creating synthetics on Dafi, transact a DAFI fee which is returned to the staking reserve.

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Our Team

Zain Rana
CEO, Founder

A global keynote speaker. 6+ years as a foreign currency analyst. Worked with major UK brands & universities.

Babar Shabir
Head of partnerships

Partner at Bloktide

John Milburn
Technical Advisor

Early engineer of the EOS mainnet, an internet-pioneer

Walleed Mehmood
Software Specialist

Previously with Accenture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Networks can distribute synthetics to their users, instead of tokens. With Dafi, every decentralized economy can create and issue synthetics, which are later burned for their native token.

This means that we can now incentivize nodes, staking and even liquidity – in a reduced quantity. This solves the biggest issue within decentralized economies - rewarding the longer-term users later, instead of earlier.

Dafi creates network-pegged synthetics to reward an economy. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity to protect a token from hyperinflation.

Every blockchain, application and cryptocurrency can create a flavour of these synthetics to reward their early users, while still enhancing scarcity when demand is low.

Dafi can maintain a decentralized network’s staking, liquidity and participation – without a high token issuance rate.

DAFI – Same chains. New possibilities.

Flavours of synthetics created in Dafi are minted in low quantities, and given to users. These synthetics, called dToken, are pegged to the demand of a network using oracles. They are later burned for the native-token.

For example, Ethereum could use ETH to create dETH, a synthetic pegged to the Ethereum network’s demand.

1 – Users who support the network when demand is low (e.g. bear market) are given a reduced quantity of the dToken

2 – These users can burn the synthetic immediately for a reduced reward, as inflation is restricted

3 – Alternatively, longer-term users may wish to continue supporting the network. As demand rises, their synthetics have expanded in quantity, rewarding them later – not earlier.

Zain came from a background of analysing foreign currency markets, as well as working on the digital finance system for major UK brands (e.g. Morrisons).

After falling in love with the decentralized nature of Blockchain, he presented at the largest, and most prestigious Blockchain events across Europe and Asia, with audiences of 5000+. Zain is also known to be highly-regarded for introducing and presenting Blockchain & Cryptocurrency to several major universities across the UK in 2020.

Many of the founding team come from Blockchain, traditional backgrounds, PhD’s, and award-winners in their fields, together they believe in creating a new model to reinvent finance and blockchain’s of value, forever.

The DAFI token will be available to the public in March.

It’s recommended that you join the waiting list here. For more questions say hello in the Dafi telegram and twitter.