Demand-pegged Inflation

  • How can we create Blockchain’s which incentivize staking, or DeFi which rewards liquidity, without hyperinflation?

  • The DAFI token uses a demand-bonded curve to release synthetic DFY’s, which are pegged to the value of the protocol. The quantity of your DFY units change in response to DAFI demand. Rewarding early & long-term adoption.

  • Any Blockchain, Cryptocurrency or DeFi application can create their own flavour of xDFY – each pegged to their own demand.

Dafi (daf-ee)

Synthetic rewards

The DAFI token is staked for elastic-rewards, which increase in quantity with demand

Unify DeFi

Any Blockchain and DeFi app can adopt Dafi, creating their own flavour of xDFY

A new model

No hyperinflation - DAFI rewards early and long-term adoption, without a high inflation rate during phases of low demand

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DAFI Token Sale

The DAFI token recreates the inflation model throughout Blockchain and DeFi. By eliminating hyperinflation, and adopting a demand-bonded curve - DAFI reinvents Chains, Staking & DeFi forever.

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Token Name :


Total Supply :


Tokens For Sale :

495,000,000 (22%)

Price :

TBD (~$0.005)

Hard Cap :

$ 0.7m USD

Distribution :


Our Team

Zain Rana
CEO, Founder

A global keynote speaker. 6+ years as a foreign currency analyst. Worked with major UK brands & universities.

Ahmed Ashour

PhD candidate at the University of Manchester. Johnson & Johnson prize winner.

John Milburn
Technical Advisor

Early engineer of the EOS mainnet, an internet-pioneer

Walleed Mehmood
Software Specialist

Previously with Accenture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inflation is how decentralized economies are created. Everything from Blockchain, DeFi and even Bitcoin rely on inflation.

However, this often leads to excess supply and hyperinflation, by not adapting to changes in demand.

DAFI creates a demand-bonded curve, making hyperinflation impossible. Virtually all Blockchain’s, DeFi and Tokens will be able to adopt demand-pegged inflation.

The DAFI is a new model of value, for liquidity, staking and blockchain’s.

By incentivizing users through the growth of the protocol, the DAFI token is staked to create synthetic DFY units, each unit is pegged to the demand of the protocol.

This incentivizes early & long-term participation without destroying a token economy. Therefore, DAFI can be adopted by any new/existing DeFi application or Blockchain, to create their own flavour of xDFY.

Creating chains and DeFi that will last.

DAFI allows for it’s inflation (e.g. staking, liquidity) rewards, to be pegged to the demand of the protocol.

This creates two advantages:

1 – Early users and adoption are rewarded, eventually, as the protocol grows in demand.

2 – No hyperinflation, the inflation of DAFI matches it’s demand, making excess supply impossible in bearish phases.

Zain came from a background of analysing foreign currency markets, as well as working on the digital finance system for major UK brands (e.g. Morrisons).

After falling in love with the decentralized nature of Blockchain, he presented at the largest, and most prestigious Blockchain events across Europe and Asia, with audiences of 5000+. Zain is also known to be highly-regarded for introducing and presenting Blockchain & Cryptocurrency to several major universities across the UK in 2020.

Many of the founding team come from Blockchain, traditional backgrounds, PhD’s, and award-winners in their fields, together they believe in creating a new model to reinvent finance and blockchain’s of value, forever.

The DAFI token will be available to the public in February. With the exchange listing being confirmed soon.

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